Top 5 ways to prevent being locked out of your house

ways to prevent being locked out of your houseWhen you’re busy, stressed or depressed, you end up doing things in an absent-mind­ed way. Because you’re always pre­oc­cu­pied, you end up leav­ing essen­tial things at home, such as your mobile phone, your lunch, or worst, your keys. You may not be able to con­trol where your mind choos­es to grav­i­tate entire­ly, but there are a  num­ber of ways to pre­vent being locked out of your house.ways to prevent being locked out of your house

Even if you leave your key at home, you know you can get in with­out break­ing a sweat with the top 5 ways to pre­vent being locked out of your house. The list is rel­a­tive­ly straight­for­ward and easy to do. Choose one and wor­ry no more.

Top 1: Leave a spare key with a friend or family member who lives nearby.

When you get home, and you find out you’ve locked your­self out, it’s com­mon to call a friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber. How about turn that “I need some­one to talk to” call into an “what time can I pick up my spare key” call? Make sure you can trust this per­son with whom you’re leav­ing your key. Think of some­one who won’t mis­place your key. Make sure he or she is some­one you often keep in touch with and will tell you about their hol­i­day plans. Before you hand over your keys for safe­keep­ing, make sure to label them, so they don’t get mixed with theirs.

Top 2: Hide spare keys in different parts of your house that are outdoors.ways to prevent being locked out of your house

Do not keep a main door spare key under the mat in front of the front door or the pot next to the door. We’ve seen that so many times in films that it’s no longer safe to do this. Make it a two-step approach — hide one key out­doors, but this key should be the key to the garage or shed where you keep the spare main door key. I remem­ber­ing keep a spare house key in the car. That saved me once, but I haven’t been doing that as the car is usu­al­ly locked up in the garage these days. Use your imag­i­na­tion, so that you can hide these keys well.

Top 3: Leave a spare key at work and don’t label it ‘diary’.

It may be fun­ny, but by mark­ing your keys ‘diary’, you’re attract­ing the intru­sive pop­u­la­tion in your office to take it. It may be best to keep mum about hav­ing spare keys in the premis­es. Just go on with your dai­ly life and hide it in a safe place that you can remember.

Top 4: Befriend your real estate agent or landlady.ways to prevent being locked out of your house

They’re not always like­able, but your real estate agent or land­la­dy can sure­ly help you if you find your­self in this kind of pick­le. Main­tain­ing that pro­fes­sion­al and friend­ly rela­tion­ship with them can be the vital key to solv­ing this prob­lem swiftly.

Top 5: Befriend a locksmith.

At your door with­in 30 min­utes is a gen­er­al promise of lock­smiths. I, how­ev­er, have heard of hor­ror sto­ries about peo­ple wait­ing for hours for a locksmith to unlock their front door. Imag­ine if this hap­pened to you in win­ter or when it’s buck­et­ing down. By befriend­ing a lock­smith, you are assured to have some­one to open your door with­in min­utes with­out ask­ing for evi­dence that you live in the prop­er­ty you’re try­ing to break into. Best of all, your lock­smith friend might even not ask you to pay a cent for his services.

Get­ting your­self locked out is one of the most annoy­ing things in life. I’ve had it hap­pen to me five times — the first time I had to wait for 7 hours with­out food, water and access to a toi­let. The sec­ond time, I usedways to prevent being locked out of your house the spare key kept in the car. The third, I had to wait for my hus­band to come home. With the last two, I was wise enough to use one of the top 5 ways to pre­vent being locked out of your house.

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  1. I nev­er get locked out of my house because I need my key to lock the door when i leave. So, change your lock into one that needs a key to lock.

    • Pret­ty good advice. Thanks for shar­ing. 🙂 I’ll keep that in mind once I move into my own house. Cheers!

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