Top 5 things I miss about the Philippines

I’ve lived in Aus­tralia for eight years now, and I’ve got used to the dai­ly grind. How­ev­er, there are still moments when I’m remind­ed of what I’m miss­ing for emi­grat­ing to the Land Down Under. Here are my top 5 things I miss about the Philip­pines apart, of course, from my dear fam­i­ly and friends.

miss about the PhilippinesTop 1: Cheap and relatively good quality clothes and shoes

Many peo­ple who go to the Philip­pines say that the price of brand­ed items is as high in oth­er coun­tries. Well, yeah, but who said you should buy them there? The Philip­pines has its local brands, and a good num­ber of them are good buys — not just because they’re much cheap­er, but because the qual­i­ty you get for that afford­able price is sur­pris­ing­ly good.

Top 2: Distinctly Filipino foodmiss about the Philippines

I miss our stinky, salty, sweet and fat­ty food. I also miss the street food that I remem­ber set­ting aside mon­ey for. Pic­ture these: mang­gang hilaw with ala­mang o asin (green man­go with shrimp paste or salt), fish balls and squid balls with its tasty but most like­ly dirty dip, banana cue (deep fried bananas coat­ed in caramelised brown sug­ar), chicharon (pork crack­ling), dirty ice cream (It’s not dirty, or is it?) and many more.

Top 3: Overstaffed shopping malls

When­ev­er I go to Myer and David Jones, I find myself miss­ing the swarms of staff in The Land­mark and SM Malls. Tills are not always manned in these big Aussie depart­ment stores as the staff also assist cus­tomers around. It’s not rare that I had to ask a sales assis­tant far from the cashier to help me process a purchase.

miss about the PhilippinesTop 4: Malls open during my shopping hours

Aus­tralia is quite odd as its mall hours are very sim­i­lar to the com­mon 9 to 5 employee’s work hours. This means that on those rare occa­sions I had time to do some shop­ping, I was greet­ed with the announce­ment that the store’s about to close in 15 min­utes. I don’t under­stand this! Shop­ping on week­days is an impos­si­bil­i­ty for peo­ple like me. Week­ends are bet­ter for shop­ping, but the stores still close at 5 or 6.

miss about the PhilippinesTop 5: The word ‘po

I miss hear­ing ‘po’ in con­ver­sa­tions. The word ‘po’ is used to show peo­ple old­er than you respect. The word makes me proud to be Fil­ipino. In this fast-paced and con­stant­ly chang­ing world, it’s good to know that Fil­ipinos still recog­nise respect to be an impor­tant val­ue to have.

If you’re a Fil­ipino liv­ing over­seas, I invite you to share your top 5 things you miss about the Philippines.


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 things I miss about the Philippines

  1. the food, of course! and i have to agree with the clothes — not only are they cheap­er, more vari­ety and assort­ment, as well. When I go to any pub­lic event and I see kids, I can almost name the store where they bought it!

    • Agree! No vari­ety at all — I used to work in child­care and the kids wore the same clothes. Boo!

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