Top 5 mobile phone etiquette rules for commuters

Some peo­ple think that mobile phone eti­quette is over­rat­ed and out­dat­ed. I can’t think of any­thing else that’s so far from the truth. The population’s use of their mobile phones in pub­lic affects all of us.

One gad­get that’s overused and mis­used is the smart­phone. We sim­ply can’t live with­out it and it’s under­stand­able. Liv­ing up to its coined name, the smart­phone is unde­ni­ably smart. You can keep in touch with oth­ers, surf, read, shop, lis­ten to music and pod­casts, play games, take and check out pho­tos and videos, and so much more. It’s not sur­pris­ing that the smart­phone has made pub­lic trans­port trips more fun or at least more bearable.

Let’s blame the not-so-smart use of smart­phones. Since there are many things we can do on mobile phones, some think that they can use our theirs wher­ev­er and when­ev­er. They must’ve for­got­ten that cour­tesy and respect are equal­ly if not more impor­tant than technology.Man in Brown Hoodie Standing in Front of Train Railway

When on pub­lic trans­port and you see peo­ple glar­ing at you or shak­ing their head in dis­be­lief, chances are you’re dis­obey­ing at least one unspo­ken mobile phone eti­quette rule.


Top 1 Mobile Phone Etiquette Rule: Don’t talk too loudly on the phone.

If you have to talk to some­one on the phone while you’re on a bus, tram, fer­ry or train, use your qui­et voice. Peo­ple aren’t inter­est­ed in what you did last night, your issues with your house­mate or what you’re cook­ing for din­ner. Show con­sid­er­a­tion to peo­ple who would like to catch some Zs, rest, study, work, read, write, think, imag­ine, or lis­ten to music or podcasts.

Top 2 Mobile Phone Etiquette Rule: Don’t play music for everyone on board.

Our music pref­er­ences are dif­fer­ent so please don’t play disc jock­ey on any pub­lic trans­port. Put your head­phones or ear­phones on if you want to lis­ten to music or pod­casts, and let the rest of the pas­sen­gers enjoy theirs and more impor­tant­ly their peace and quiet.

Top 3 Mobile Phone Etiquette Rule: Look up to check if there’s someone in need.

Some­times, we get too engrossed in our smart­phones that we escape real­i­ty. Look up from time to time to make sure no one needs your seat or needs you to scoot over in order to make some room.

Top 4 Mobile Phone Etiquette Rule: Don’t play your game with too much zest.

The trans­port you’re on is not an Inter­net café, and the per­son sit­ting next to you isn’t a fel­low gamer. Avoid get­ting over­ly excit­ed as you might end up mak­ing nois­es in reac­tion to your game performance.

Top 5 Mobile Phone Etiquette Rule: Eyes on your phone only.

A fel­low pas­sen­ger may be look­ing at some­thing inter­est­ing on his or her phone, but that doesn’t give you the green light to check it out for your­self or worse give unso­licit­ed com­ments. If you find your­self peek­ing, avert your eyes. Think of how you’d feel if there were some stranger check­ing out your screen.

A recent inci­dent on the train has made me believe that there is still hope for our smart­phone-addict­ed gen­er­a­tion. A man whis­pered to the per­son he was talk­ing to on the oth­er line to call him back because he was on the train. I watched that scene unfold with a huge smile on my face.

Mobile phone eti­quette rules aren’t imprac­ti­cal and cer­tain­ly not dif­fi­cult to fol­low. In fact, they’re so sim­ple, so I can’t help but hope that with suf­fi­cient aware­ness more peo­ple will become more respon­si­ble and smarter smart­phone users.


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  1. Yes, can’t agree with you more. Some­times even with head­phones, people’s music can still be a bit loud. So please be mind­ful of your music’s vol­ume even when you’re wear­ing headphones

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