Top 5 things to do on the train or bus

things to do on the train or busMany peo­ple want to live near their place of work because catch­ing the bus or train is deemed by most to be time-con­sum­ing and excru­ci­at­ing­ly dull. Catch­ing pub­lic trans­port doesn’t have to be painful; in fact, it can even be an excel­lent use of time. We all know we can lis­ten to some music or a pod­cast, watch a video or a replay of an episode of Game of Thrones, or play games, but what oth­er inter­est­ing things can we do on the train or bus?

Top 1 thing to do on the train or bus: Work or study

Many peo­ple avoid tak­ing home work or study­ing at home as they see their dwelling place as a sacred space. If a long train or bus ride is unavoid­able, use this time to get some work done. Read, plan for the fol­low­ing day or even fin­ish reports on the train.

Top 2 thing to do on the train or bus: People-watch

things to do on the train or busI think people’s lives are fas­ci­nat­ing, and with the risk of seem­ing strange, I admit that I love peo­ple-watch­ing. I watch peo­ple incon­spic­u­ous­ly, so I don’t freak them out. Among my favourites are the dynam­ics between an exas­per­at­ed moth­er and a mis­chie­vous child, some­one sleep­ing on the train whose head keeps slid­ing down and into the wait­ing shoul­ders of a train mate, and how peo­ple act in an over­ly crowd­ed space where move­ment is a luxury.

Top 3 thing to do on the train or bus: Introspection

We’re too absorbed in every­thing hap­pen­ing around us that intro­spec­tion can only be done when we’ve got extra time on our hands. Train rides have allowed me to think about myself and my life — the good, the bad and the unknown. It’s not rare to find me star­ing into space, some­times with tears that could be born from joy or sad­ness. Don’t judge! 🙂

thngs to do on the train or busTop 4 thing to do on the train or bus: Arts and Crafts

Some peo­ple put on make­up on the train or bus. Some keep them­selves enter­tained. Oth­ers do cre­ative stuff — they sew, knit or draw. It’s amaz­ing how much peo­ple can accom­plish and how relaxed they feel after their artis­tic ses­sion on the train.

Top 5 thing to do on the train or bus: Write ideas in your journal.

I come up with my list of top 5s on the train or a list of stuff I need to do or can do. I write poems, sto­ries and songs. I come up with solu­tions to prob­lems, and some­times dis­cov­er prob­lems, and with the 10-min walk imme­di­ate­ly fol­low­ing my train ride, I find a solu­tion to them as well.

things to do on the train or bus

Find some­thing to do on the train or bus, and even your 1-hour trip will seem to go fast. Enjoy!





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