Top 5 ways to deal with your annoyance with a colleague

Have you ever had an annoy­ing co-work­er? I’m sure you have. How many times have you fought your­self from telling any­one about how you feel about him or her because you weren’t ready to make the annoy­ance ‘a thing’. If you’d like to keep it that way or you’re tired of being annoyed at this work­mate of yours, I hope my top 5 ways to deal with your annoy­ance with a col­league can help.

Oth­er online arti­cles share tips on how to han­dle an annoy­ing col­league; this post shares strate­gies on how to deal with your annoy­ance at a col­league. You may not be able to change an annoy­ing co-work­er, but you can cer­tain­ly change your dis­po­si­tion. Read the list and start free­ing your­self from this annoy­ing feeling.

Top 5 ways to deal with your annoy­ance with a colleague:

Top 1: Avoid your annoying workmate.

If you know he or she has lunch at a par­tic­u­lar time and sits in the same place, find a dif­fer­ent lunch spot or have lunch at a dif­fer­ent time. If he or she goes to the toi­let towards the end of morn­ing tea, go to the loo at the start of your break or go to a dif­fer­ent one. Remem­ber: out of sight, out of mind. Make an effort to avoid him or her, and it will seem as if he or she doesn’t even work at the same office.

Top 2: Don’t give your annoying colleague a code name.

deal with your annoyance with a colleague

The moment you enter this realm, you’re doomed. Hav­ing a code name for the annoy­ing one encour­ages you to talk about him or her more often because you’ve already invest­ed your cre­ativ­i­ty. The secre­cy is height­ened by the cre­ation of a code name, sim­i­lar to how clas­si­fied inves­ti­ga­tions are giv­en unique case names. The name also brings in fun into the sit­u­a­tion you’re in, mak­ing con­ver­sa­tions about him or her even more enjoyable.

Top 3: Don’t talk about your annoying colleague to another with your annoyance with a colleague

The moment you tell some­one at work about how you feel about a par­tic­u­lar co-work­er, chances are you’ll find some­one else who shares your sen­ti­ments. Soon, there’ll be two of you fault-find­ing day in and day out. As I’m sure there is a basis for your annoy­ance, this num­ber will eas­i­ly mul­ti­ply with­in days. The more you talk about your neg­a­tive feel­ings with oth­er peo­ple, the more it gets real and the more it will con­sume you.

Top 4: Ignore your annoying colleague.

Igno­rance is, indeed, bliss. The less you know what this per­son does, the less annoyed you’ll be. Stop your­self from seek­ing updates from your col­leagues about the lat­est he or she’s done or not done because every tid­bit of infor­ma­tion you get is sim­i­lar to adding wood to fire. As you train your­self to ignore your annoy­ing work­mate, the embers will die.

Top 5: Just smile.

deal with your annoyance with a colleague

Your annoy­ing co-work­er can only get to you if you allow him or her to. Fight back by smil­ing. Think of things that make you smile. Think of hap­py places. Think of the best things in life. (I’ve got a list of sim­ple rea­sons to smile.) If you see him or her, sim­ply flash your bril­liant smile as if noth­ing is wrong in the world. If you don’t let him or her affect you, you’ve won the battle.

If you do all of these tips to deal with your annoy­ance at a col­league, you’ll most like­ly be able to free your­self from car­ry­ing this neg­a­tiv­i­ty. It’s not easy, but it’s doable.

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