Top 5 ways to stay warm in winter

Jon Snow wasn’t lying when he said win­ter was com­ing. Indeed, it is for peo­ple in Aus­tralia and the rest of the South­ern Hemi­sphere. Inter­est­ing­ly, I live in Mel­bourne and weath­er win­ter pat­terns here begin to unfold as ear­ly as autumn.

Whilst some peo­ple embrace this drop in tem­per­a­ture as heav­en­ly, I, on the oth­er hand, dread it. Any­thing below 15 degrees Cel­sius is too cold and needs my ample attention.

Many peo­ple resort to elec­tric blan­kets and heaters in the win­ter. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, exces­sive use of these result in high­er pow­er bills. You can avoid break­ing the bank by try­ing out these test­ed ways to keep your­self warm.

Tip#1: Cov­er every inch of your­self. Expose noth­ing. I’m seri­ous. Wear bean­ies, scarves, gloves and thick socks. Wear lay­ers of warm cloth­ing. Put on ther­mals, tights and a jumper or jack­et and a coat if nec­es­sary. Wear snug cloth­ing to keep the cold from inter­act­ing with your skin. Wear boots. Also, remem­ber that your tol­er­ance for the cold is dif­fer­ent from the peo­ple around you, so nev­er copy the num­ber of lay­ers they’re wear­ing. Only you know your def­i­n­i­tion of comfortable.

Tip#2: Wrap your hands around some­thing warm. It can be a mug of hot cof­fee or tea or just warm water in an alu­minum flask. It’s guar­an­teed to keep you warm inside and out. You can also get a pock­et hand warmer.

Tip#3: Try the sand­wich in bed approach. If you don’t want your pow­er bills to go through the roof, try to sandwich your­self. Put a fleece blan­ket over your bed­sheet, and lie down on it. Put a blan­ket bun­dle, com­posed of a duck or goose down doona (duvet if you live in the north­ern part of the world and com­forter if in the US) topped with anoth­er fleece blan­ket, over you. If this isn’t enough, hug a hot water bot­tle or bet­ter yet, hug a pet or cud­dle up to anoth­er person.

Tip#4: Iron your clothes. Iron­ing in the win­ter pro­vides you smarter-look­ing gar­ments even when unnec­es­sary and gives you that much-need­ed warmth before fac­ing the bit­ter cold.

Tip#5: Keep the doors closed. Don’t let the out­side inside! If you are lucky enough to live in a house or an apart­ment with many rooms and doors, make sure to close the doors to keep the draft from sneak­i­ly enter­ing your warm abode. Take the edge off the room by turn­ing on the heater for a few min­utes and you can live off that for the rest of the night.

Hope these ideas can help keep you com­fy and toast dur­ing the win­ter. Have a love­ly winter! 🙂