Top 5 reasons to walk your dog

Dogs are won­der­ful pets to have. They can make you laugh, for­get your prob­lems, appre­ci­ate life, be healthy and inspire you to be self­less. If you’re lucky, you can find your­self in a beau­ti­ful rela­tion­ship com­pa­ra­ble to what you have with a best friend or close fam­i­ly member.

Like with oth­er rela­tion­ships, you’ve got to work hard to nur­ture your bond with your canine. One of the best ways is to take him or her for a walk every day.

Some­times, tak­ing your dog for a walk can be a pain, espe­cial­ly on a cold and rainy winter’s day. If this rou­tine is start­ing to become a chore, the list below might inspire you. Read the top 5 rea­sons to walk your dog.

Top 1 reason: Walking your dog means your adding to your daily step count.reasons you walk your dog

If you have a job that requires you to sit in front of a com­put­er the whole day, and your only source of 8,000 steps is the three times you go to the toi­let and rare vis­its to the kitchen or pantry, thank your pup for the exer­cise. As you walk or some­times jog along with your ener­getic dog, you’re able to make your­self a lit­tle health­i­er while you strength­en your bond with him or her.

Top 2 reason: Your dog can make friends while you’re walking.

why walk your dog

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Dogs are social ani­mals. When they see oth­er dogs, they either get excit­ed or aggres­sive. In the book Inside of a Dog: What Dogs, See, Smell, and Know, Alexan­dra Horowitz reveals that dogs can share thoughts and news by smelling each oth­er. By walk­ing your dog, you’re giv­ing your pup the oppor­tu­ni­ty to get some juicy infor­ma­tion and more impor­tant­ly, make bud­dies aside from you.

Top 3 reason: You, too, can make friends if you walk your dog.

Imag­ine the peo­ple you can meet by just walk­ing your dog. When your dog inter­acts with humans, there’s a big chance you’ll have a chat with these peo­ple as well.  If this hap­pens quite often with a par­tic­u­lar per­son, it’s almost inevitable for you and the stranger to get to know each other.

Top 4 reason: You might meet the man or woman of your dreams thanks to your dog.

why walk your dog

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Dogs are supreme charm­ers. It’s com­mon for peo­ple find it hard to resist the excit­ed yelps, the man­ic tail wags and the adorable eyes of dogs. If you’re lucky (and you’re sin­gle), walk­ing your dog might be as effec­tive as join­ing a dat­ing site. Always look pre­sentable when you take your dog out for a stroll because one of your walks might pave the way for a roman­tic beginning.

Top 5 reason: You can discover new places while walking your dog.

Walk­ing your dog may make you more adven­tur­ous. Tak­ing the same route day in and day out can be a bit bor­ing. Spice it up by tak­ing dif­fer­ent routes. It’s alright to get lost as you might uncov­er some gems in the process, such as a store with unique finds, café, park or a spe­cial bench near your home that you would like to revis­it in the future.

Make the most out of walk­ing your pre­cious dog. When­ev­er you’re lazy to do your ‘dog duty’, try to remem­ber the rea­sons to walk your dog. Enjoy the spe­cial bond­ing moments with him or her, and be ready to embrace the adven­tures that come with walk­ing your pup.

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