Top 5 reasons why the tortoise won against the hare

The tor­toise beat the hare in a race! Cheers! Every­one knows the children’s sto­ry ‘The Tor­toise and the Hare’: The hare and tor­toise raced against each oth­er. The boast­ful hare took a big lead but rest­ed on its lau­rels. It snoozed just before it got to the fin­ish line, just to showhy the tortoise won against the harew off and prove to every­one that it could still win despite chill­ing out. While the hare was sleep­ing, the hard­work­ing tor­toise slow­ly and steadi­ly inched its way to the fin­ish line.

You’ve most cer­tain­ly told Aesop’s fable count­less times. Have you, how­ev­er, told the entire sto­ry of the tor­toise and hare? Have you told the lit­tle ones the rea­sons why the tor­toise won against the hare? I’m sure you’ve told them some of the rea­sons, but allow me to remind you of the five rea­sons behind its famous and astound­ing victory.

Top 1 rea­son: The tor­toise worked hard and tried its best.

Let’s admit it — we’re all dif­fer­ent. Some are smarter than us, and that’s alright. That shouldn’t keep us from being suc­cess­ful though. Just like the tor­toise, with hard work and by set­ting its heart in achiev­ing some­thing, it man­aged to fin­ish the race and be vic­to­ri­ous over the hare.

Top 2 rea­son: The hare was boastful.why the tortoise won against the hare

The hare was over­con­fi­dent. It knew it was going to win by lit­er­al­ly a mile over the tor­toise and made sure every­one knew about it. It taunt­ed the tor­toise and tried to humil­i­ate it in front of the crowd. It even snoozed right in the mid­dle of the race to allow the tor­toise to catch up. If you pos­sess some­thing spe­cial, it’s com­mon to use it to your advan­tage, but there is no need to be boast­ful about it.

Top 3 rea­son: The tor­toise recog­nised its strengths and weaknesses.

There’s no point pre­tend­ing to be some­one you’re not. The tor­toise pos­sessed self-aware­ness. It knew it was slow, so it worked extra hard to meet its objec­tive. It’s best to acknowl­edge and accept your strengths and weak­ness­es. Use your strengths to flour­ish in life and your weak­ness­es to chal­lenge your­self to become an all-around bet­ter person.

Top 4 rea­son: The tor­toise had set a clear goal and stuck with it.

How can one be suc­cess­ful in life if one doesn’t know what he or she wants? The tur­tle had an objec­tive, and he saw it through in spite of all the obsta­cles and pos­si­bly some self-doubt. I’m sure the tor­toise knew there was a huge chance he was going to lose, but its heart of hearts told it to stay focused.

Top 5 rea­son: Noth­ing could dis­tract the tortoise.

Cer­tain­ly, there were cheers and jeers around, but none of these hin­dered twhy the tortoise won against the harehe tor­toise from reach­ing the fin­ish line before the hare. It could’ve trash-talked the hare before it got to the end, but it didn’t. As if the tor­toise had blind­ers on, there was, indeed, noth­ing that could’ve dis­tract­ed it from fin­ish­ing the race.

Let’s give more cred­it to the tor­toise by telling chil­dren why and how it won the race. The Tor­toise and the Hare may be just a fable or a children’s sto­ry to us, but to the lit­tle ones, it can be so much more if we tell them about the five rea­sons behind the victory.