Top 5 reasons why Philippine TV is better than Australian TV

Philippine TV better than Australian TVWatch­ing TV is usu­al­ly enter­tain­ing in the Philip­pines, but not in Aus­tralia. Aus­tralian TV does not have noon­time vari­ety shows, extreme­ly mushy and cheezy soap opera fea­tur­ing pop­u­lar actors, and late-night news. With­out good TV, Fil­ipinos are com­pelled to sub­scribe to The Fil­ipino Chan­nel (TFC), Net­flix, Stan, or ille­gal­ly down­load movies or TV series. Arguably, Philip­pine TV is bet­ter than Aus­tralian TV. Here are the top 5 rea­sons behind this claim.

Top 1: There aren’t a lot of homegrown Australian TV shows.

Although there are almost the same num­ber of TV chan­nels, there are only a few authen­tic Aus­tralian pro­grams. It’s com­mon to find plen­ty of Amer­i­can and British TV pro­grams and doc­u­men­taries. They also have some chan­nels that car­ry tele­vi­sion show fran­chis­es, such as Mas­terChef, The Chase, Who wants to be a Mil­lion­aire and others.

Top 2: Aussie TV lacks variety.
Philippine TV better than Australian TV

In the morn­ings, you get extreme­ly long morn­ing talk shows, and in the evenings, you can only choose from a cook­ing show, a celebri­ty search pro­gram or some­times sports. I watched My Kitchen Rules for 2 to 3 months, and I’m cur­rent­ly watch­ing Mas­terchef which will go for anoth­er two months. I miss the choic­es I used to take for grant­ed when I was still in the Philippines.

Top 3: The top channels’ news programs include a lot of irrelevant information.

Philippine TV better than Australian TVIt’s frus­trat­ing that only SBS and ABC deliv­er prop­er news. The top chan­nels don’t include much about the news around the world but fea­ture fun­ny clips from YouTube. Their news also func­tions as an adver­to­r­i­al for big brands at times and obsess­es over the weath­er. The weath­er news is deliv­ered in three parts. Yes, in 3 parts, with numer­ous teasers before it. They don’t even have late-night news shows for peo­ple who have missed the one aired on prime­time TV.

Top 4: The TV program timetable is unpredictable.

It’s quite dif­fi­cult to keep track of what’s on for the day because of the chang­ing time slots. It’s just too com­pli­cat­ed. I watch a par­tic­u­lar show from Sun­days through Thurs­days, but some­times it’s not broad­cast­ed on Sun­days. If I want­ed to watch Mod­ern Fam­i­ly, I wouldn’t have a clue when it’s on as its time slot always changes. There were weeks when it was my sta­ple for a week­day and Sun­day. Then, it just dis­ap­peared for months.

Top 5: The upcoming or now showing films aren’t advertised on TV.

It’s bad enough that there’s not much to watch on Aus­tralian TV, but for the view­ing pub­lic to be deprived of trail­ers of the cur­rent movies in the cin­e­mas at the moment is depress­ing. I would like to be updat­ed on which films I can watch every week.

Philippine TV better than Australian TV

The lack of choic­es and the qual­i­ty of TV pro­grams can be attrib­uted to the Aus­tralians’ love for the out­doors and get-togeth­ers. More­over, TV pro­duc­tion is far more expen­sive in Australia.

Now that it’s win­ter in Aus­tralia, wouldn’t it be just fan­tas­tic to have the option to watch good Aus­tralian TV every day?