Pray it forward

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Pho­to cred­its: Cre­ative Com­mons Prayer from Insight

Would you like to know how to pray it forward?

There are so many bro­ken peo­ple in the world. Some of them seek our help, and we kind­ly take a minute or two to say a lit­tle prayer for them. In return, we pray for them in their own time of need. There’s noth­ing extra­or­di­nary about that. How­ev­er, apart from pray­ing for them, we can pray it for­ward.

Pray it for­ward is some­thing I’ve been doing for many years now. It all start­ed when I was on a packed pub­lic trans­port on my way home. It was rain­ing, mak­ing the trip chal­leng­ing for all com­muters. As the bus drove past the numer­ous peo­ple want­i­ng to get on the bus, I said a lit­tle prayer for them. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) give up my seat for them, but at least I gave them more than empa­thy — I prayed for them.

Let’s con­tin­ue pray­ing for vic­tims of war-strick­en areas and ter­ror­ist attacks and ter­mi­nal­ly ill peo­ple, but let’s also pray for the peo­ple around us. There are so many peo­ple in need, and we don’t need to look very hard to find them.  Check out my top 5 Pray it For­ward inten­tions:

  1. Pray­ing for a moth­er to calm down her unset­tled child successfully
  2. Pray­ing for a man who has a nasty cough or cold
  3. Pray­ing for an elder­ly to safe­ly cross a busy road
  4. Pray­ing for a col­league or class­mate who rarely smiles to have some­thing smile about
  5. Pray­ing for a neigh­bour that his wash­ing gets dry on a chilly winter’s day

Just spend 10 to 20 sec­onds of prayer time for peo­ple like the ones list­ed. If you could pray for ten ran­dom peo­ple in a day, that would be awe­some. I’m sure God will be pleased to answer all our prayers, espe­cial­ly because they stem from the kind­ness of our hearts. Togeth­er, let’s pray it forward.

To inspire oth­er peo­ple, please share your Pray-it-for­ward inten­tions you can think of or have done in the reply box. Thanks! 😇