Top 5 reasons why you should complain

I don’t com­plain when I’m in the wrong. I only com­plain when I know I’m in the right or if I feel anoth­er per­son was treat­ed badly.

ComplainI com­plain. I’m a squeaky wheel, and I usu­al­ly get the grease. I com­plain about the ser­vice I’m giv­en and what oth­ers are giv­en. I take some time out to write a respect­ful email to the com­pa­ny or even the CEO if there’s a need to esca­late the issue. I’ve com­plained to two air­lines, a cou­ple of med­ical prac­tices, a cof­fee shop and a drug­store. My suc­cess rate is quite high. I’ve received favourable results and perks on most occasions.

Top 1 reason why you should complain: You might get your way.


Get­ting your way is the best result you can ever get. Just recent­ly I com­plained about the inflex­i­bil­i­ty and unfair­ness of a famous trav­el agency. It was a strug­gle, and I didn’t think I’d win, but after a few exchanges of emails and copy­ing in the CEO, I final­ly got my way. Oooh! There’s noth­ing like win­ning a bat­tle against a giant company.

Top 2 reason why you should complain: You can help a company improve their service.Complain

Com­pa­nies need to get feed­back from cus­tomers to improve their ser­vice. Being tol­er­ant all the time doesn’t help the com­pa­ny at all. They need to know that they’ve done some­thing wrong and how it’s affect­ed you. Think of it this way — some­times, you need to tell peo­ple that you’re offend­ed by what they’ve done for them to apol­o­gise and make it up to you. If you keep mum about it, they’ll think everything’s okay. As they say, igno­rance is bliss.

Top 3 reason why you should complain: You can help other people.

When you com­plain, you may be com­plain­ing for the many hun­dreds of indi­vid­u­als who are in the same unfor­tu­nate sit­u­a­tion as you but haven’t done any­thing. Their lack of action may be because they’re too busy, too polite, too lazy or not as assertive as you. Con­se­quent­ly, your win is a win for many peo­ple as well.

Top 4 reason why you should complain: You can protect other people who might get hurt.


Think of the future. If it’s hap­pened to you, there’s a huge chance it can hap­pen to some­one else in the future. Think of a para­sol that near­ly hit you because the cafe staff didn’t plant it secure­ly on the ground. If you say some­thing about it, the staff might find a way to fix the prob­lem. If you don’t say some­thing about it, some­one might get injured when the next gust of wind comes.

Top 5 reason why you should complain: You can get some perks.

complainTo be hon­est, I get sat­is­fac­tion from know­ing that some­one from a big com­pa­ny lis­tened to me and solved my prob­lem. If they throw in some perks, e.g. dis­counts, gift cards or some free­bies, who am I to complain?

Com­plain­ing should not be just seen as an act of inso­lence that’s done just to cause dis­rup­tion and has­sle cus­tomer ser­vice peo­ple. With the best inten­tions and if done with cour­tesy, a com­plaint can be trans­for­ma­tive — not only for the com­plainant but also for the com­pa­ny and cus­tomers as well. So, yes, it’s more than okay to complain.