Top 5 things to bring overseas if you’re emigrating

bring overseas if emigratingYou have at least a 30-kg bag­gage allowance, and although all your friends and fam­i­ly would like you to take some­thing that will remind you of your life in your home coun­try, you need to be prac­ti­cal and not take every­thing with you. The key thing to remem­ber is you may be emi­grat­ing, but this doesn’t mean you’ll nev­er come back. Plus, with tech­nol­o­gy as your best friend, there’s no rea­son why you can’t con­stant­ly be in touch with your friends and fam­i­ly. Here are the top 5 things to bring over­seas if you’re emigrating.

Top 1 thing to bring overseas if you’re emigrating: Identity documents plus evidence of qualifications, certificates and training

Aside from your pass­port which you will need at the air­port, make sure you have orig­i­nal copies of all your oth­er iden­ti­ty doc­u­ments, and evi­dence of qual­i­fi­ca­tions, cer­tifi­cates and tran­scripts, as well as tran­scripts. Scan all of them and keep them on your lap­top. Save these doc­u­ments as PDF files, not as JPEGs as the for­mer is eas­i­er to open from any computer.

Top 2 thing to bring overseas if you’re emigrating: Suitable clothes and shoes for every season

bring overseas if emigratingThe quan­ti­ty of cloth­ing isn’t all that’s rel­e­vant due to the chang­ing sea­sons. Make sure that you have the appro­pri­ate kinds of clothes that will help you sur­vive the cold win­ters and hot sum­mers. I packed some clothes, but they weren’t the right ones. Even when I wore lay­ers of clothes in win­ter, I still felt cold to the bone. If I had invest­ed in a good coat and ther­mals before mov­ing to Aus­tralia, I would not have suf­fered as much. It’s the same for shoes and acces­sories. I don’t care much for fash­ion, but feel­ing com­fort­able in every sea­son is some­thing I value.

Top 3 thing to bring overseas if you’re emigrating: Mobile phone and laptop

If you have a spare phone, take it with you so can use it for your Aussie SIM and you can still main­tain your Fil­ipino line for a month or so. Even­tu­al­ly, you’ll give up your Fil­ipino SIM and just use Skype or Face­time to con­tact your fam­i­ly. If you have a lap­top, bring it with you because many things are done online in Aus­tralia, for exam­ple, apply­ing for some jobs, keep­ing in touch with employ­ers, apply­ing for police checks, pay­ing for toll fees, trans­fer­ring mon­ey, pay­ing bills, etc. Just a gen­tle reminder: Don’t for­get the pow­er cable and charg­er of these gadgets.

Top 4 thing to bring overseas if you’re emigrating: Something that will help you get over homesickness

bring if you're emigratingYou can go through a chal­leng­ing first few months. Some peo­ple get home­sick as soon as their plane lands, oth­ers enjoy the new­ness of the expe­ri­ence before get­ting lone­ly, while oth­ers just man­age to plod on with­out extreme­ly miss­ing any­thing from their home­land. To play it safe, bring some­thing that might help you com­bat home­sick­ness. You can bring some pho­tos, some Fil­ipino music saved on your lap­top or phone, some ted­dies and if you fan­cy cook­ing, some Fil­ipino mix­es so you can cook sini­gang, pal­abok and caldereta.

Top 5 thing to bring overseas if you’re emigraing: Credit card and some cash

Make sure to bring a cred­it card that has a VISA or Mas­ter­card logo on it, just in case you run out of cash and you haven’t received your Aus­tralian deb­it or cred­it card. Please note: Bring only some cash. There is a max­i­mum lim­it of AUD$10,000 that you can bring into Aus­tralia. Oth­er­wise, you’ll have to declare it. More­over, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not safe to car­ry that much mon­ey in your trav­el­ing bags.

bring overseas if emigratingWhen I moved to Aus­tralia, I unfor­tu­nate­ly brought more than these top 5 things — I had a pil­low, bed­sheets and pil­low­cas­es, a saucepan and skil­let, cut­lery, two plates, a glass, heaps of cos­met­ics and toi­letries, books, etc. Don’t make the same mis­take. Pack wise­ly and enjoy the adventure!