Top 5 questions you should never ask

never ask questionsWe love small talk. It has saved us in very uncom­fort­able sit­u­a­tions. How­ev­er, if you ask the wrong ques­tions, they might be the bane of your exis­tence. Here are the top 5 ques­tions you should nev­er ask:

NEVER ASK ‘How old are you?’ Unless you’re gath­er­ing data for a cen­sus, this ques­tion should nev­er be asked. If you work for a licensed venue, it’s bet­ter to request for a proof of age card. If ask­ing a person’s age is just out of curios­i­ty, you can ask this ques­tion after 15 min­utes of con­tin­u­ous talk­ing giv­en that it’s relat­ed to the top­ic you’ve been talk­ing about and by start­ing it with ‘I hope you don’t mind’ or ‘Would you mind…”

NEVER ASK ‘Why don’t you have children?’never ask questions

In some cul­tures, mar­ried cou­ples are expect­ed to have chil­dren and are assumed to want to have them. What bystanders don’t take into con­sid­er­a­tion are the couple’s cir­cum­stances and choice. Ask­ing this ques­tion can be espe­cial­ly offen­sive if hav­ing a child has been chal­leng­ing and heart-wrenching.

NEVER ASK ‘Why aren’t you married?’

There’s noth­ing wrong with being sin­gle and being asked that ques­tion some­times insin­u­ates that it is. We make choic­es every day, and this includes our choice to remain sin­gle or be in a relationship.

NEVER ASK ‘Do you know _________?’

This ques­tion is one usu­al­ly asked in small talk. When you say you’ve stud­ied at a par­tic­u­lar uni­ver­si­ty or lived in a par­tic­u­lar sub­urb, some can’t help but ask if you know some­one who used to study at the same uni­ver­si­ty or live in the same sub­urb. It’s quite rare that you get a ‘yes’ to this question.

never ask questionsNEVER ASK ‘Did you have your ________ done?’  In some coun­tries it’s com­mon to have one’s nose, breasts or bot­tom done. It’s so com­mon that it’s not kept a secret. How­ev­er, if you haven’t estab­lished a good rela­tion­ship with this per­son you sus­pect to have had some face or body enhance­ment, keep the query to your­self. When that per­son becomes more com­fort­able with you, s/he might just share this juicy infor­ma­tion freely.

There are so many ques­tions that are so tempt­ing to ask. Be sen­si­tive or at least think twice, three times or ten times before ask­ing these ques­tions you should nev­er ask.