Top 5 annoying things tourists do

In their excite­ment, some tourists do some annoy­ing things. Below is a list of my top 5 list of annoy­ing things tourists do that I hope you’d be mind­ful of the next time you trav­el. I must keep these in mind, too.

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It makes me hap­py to see friends and fam­i­lies explor­ing Aus­tralia. It makes me extra proud and appre­cia­tive of where I live and the choic­es I’ve made in life. As much as it makes me hap­py to see the delight on their faces, I some­times stay away from them espe­cial­ly when I’m in a rush or wish to concentrate.

Here’s my list of top 5 annoy­ing things tourists do:

Top 1 annoying thing tourists do: Some tourists talk too loudly.

Some vis­i­tors seem to up their deci­bel lev­el when they’re trav­el­ling. They talk to peo­ple near them in a way that makes me think they’re all deaf. To be hon­est, it’s dou­bly grat­ing when they shout in their lan­guage. Mel­low the bel­low, guys.

Top 2 annoying thing tourists do: Some tourists take photos non-stop.
File:Selfie Stick in Rom (23950053839).jpg

Pho­to cred­its: Self­ie Stick in Rome by Mar­co Verch from Wiki­me­dia Commons

I under­stand that pho­tos are vital as these will be the rem­nants of your unfor­get­table hol­i­day. How­ev­er, you can make it even more mem­o­rable if you take the time to expe­ri­ence the place, to take in the glo­ri­ous view using your very own eyes. Pause and pull your eyes from behind your dig­i­tal cam­era or take a breather from tak­ing self­ies and look around you.

I will nev­er for­get the tourists we trav­elled with when we were cruis­ing on Mil­ford Sound in New Zealand. They were like bounc­ing bun­nies, eager to have their pho­to tak­en non-stop. They may have hun­dreds of pho­tos to look at now, but what I have is more spe­cial: vivid mem­o­ries of the water­falls, seals, whales and nature at its very best.

Top 3 annoying thing tourists do: Some tourists stop walking on a busy footpath without moving to one side or walk in one long horizontal line.

If you are in a bustling city like New York, Lon­don, Rome, Syd­ney or Mel­bourne, I under­stand that you can’t help but take pho­tos. Why wouldn’t you? When you would like to check the map you have, that’s alright. Please just make sure that you’re not in the way of peo­ple. Look behind you. Park your­self properly.

Top 4 annoying thing tourists do: Some tourists walk in groups at a turtle’s pace.

If you’re explor­ing a city in big groups, it’ll be chal­leng­ing to walk in one hor­i­zon­tal line. Walk in pairs or threes to avoid caus­ing traf­fic build-up. Remem­ber that your hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion is anoth­er person’s place of work.

Top 5 annoying thing tourists do: Some tourists ignore rules and aren’t courteous.

Some trav­ellers apply the rules (or the lack there­of) in their coun­try when in their hol­i­day des­ti­na­tions. Some don’t let peo­ple out of trains in their desire to secure their spot, turn into crazy dri­vers, spit in pub­lic, jump queues or obstruct traf­fic. If you have no time to read up on some eti­quette and traf­fic rules in the coun­try you’re trav­el­ling to, be obser­vant and read the signs around you.

If you don’t speak the lan­guage of locals or speak it but don’t pos­sess the same accent, you may have com­mu­ni­ca­tion issues. Please be cour­te­ous at all times and repeat your­self as many times as you have to. In addi­tion, learn basic words such as ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘sor­ry’ and ‘hel­lo’.

When you’re on hol­i­day over­seas, bear in mind that you are your country’s ambas­sador. Have heaps of fun, make as many spec­tac­u­lar mem­o­ries as you can, but be mind­ful of your actions. Please don’t do any of the top 5 annoy­ing things tourists do. You may be the only per­son the locals will meet from your coun­try. You wouldn’t want them to cre­ate a hor­ri­ble stereo­type of your coun­try­men, would you?

Caricature from Pixabay by GraphicMama-team, covered by the CC0 license.