Top 5 reasons why I love hanging out at airports

hanging out at airportsMany peo­ple arrive at the air­port just to give them­selves enough time to check in and get to their gate with­out giv­ing them­selves a heart attack and caus­ing any has­sle to the rest of the pas­sen­gers. I, on the oth­er hand, arrive at air­ports with over 2 hours to spare, not only because I’m para­noid that some­thing might go wrong. I just love hang­ing out at air­ports! Below are my top 5 reasons:

Top 1: I love watch­ing aero­planes take off and land.

There is some­thing com­fort­ing about watch­ing planes take off and land. They’re such mas­sive vehi­cles that it nev­er ceas­es to amaze me that they can move with so much grace. Of course, it helps that I can’t hear the engines roar­ing in the back­ground — that would def­i­nite­ly spoil the grace­ful­ness I can see!

hanging out at airportsTop 2: I love watching the behind-the-scenes.

Sit­ting just out­side the board­ing gates usu­al­ly pro­vide me with first-class seats to all the behind-the-scenes at the air­port. Watch­ing every inch of the plane checked, the load­ing and unload­ing of suit­cas­es, pilots get­ting on the plane and press­ing some but­tons, and hav­ing the plane ush­ered into posi­tion are extreme­ly entertaining.

Top 3: Window-shopping to the max.

I don’t shop a lot because I just don’t, but win­dow-shop­ping is extra fun at air­ports. At nicer air­ports, you get a mix of the shops for the rich and the not-so-rich. Inter­est­ing finds are not a rar­i­ty either. If I find some­thing extreme­ly rare and I think I’d lose sleep for not buy­ing it, then I give in and strike out the ‘win­dow’ in window-shopping.

hanging out at airportsTop 4: I enjoy having my warm chai latte while reading a good book or immersing myself on my phone.

I live a life that doesn’t allow me a lot of time to just get into the groove of read­ing a book or immers­ing myself on my phone. When you’re at the air­port, you can only do so much — yay! This means I can for­get about work and just indulge myself in the sim­ple joys of read­ing or surf­ing while sip­ping my warm drink.

Top 5: I like people-watching.

Peo­ple have dif­fer­ent rea­sons for leav­ing a coun­try, which are list­ed on the depar­ture card or arrival card you have to fill out. When I’m in the mood, and I have that much time to kill, I watch peo­ple and come up with sto­ries as to why they’re leav­ing. The emo­tions are so vari­able and real, and the sto­ries are so mov­ing and thought-pro­vok­ing that I’d love to come up with a TV series about peo­ple at the airport.

The next time you leave a coun­try, go to the air­port a bit ear­li­er than usu­al and try to see things from my point of view. Maybe after doing this, you’ll become a con­vert and start hang­ing out at air­ports like me.