Top 5 ways people handle money

ways people handle money

Peo­ple see and treat mon­ey dif­fer­ent­ly. Some see it as a trea­sure that they keep for the rest of their lives. Some use it to invest in some­thing, while oth­ers let it burn a hole in their pock­ets. Read about the top 5 ways peo­ple han­dle mon­ey. What would they do if they had a wind­fall of $300?

 Top 1: The Big Spendways people handle money

With a wind­fall of $300, some peo­ple would buy one item that is extreme­ly expen­sive. These peo­ple are drawn to the pop­u­lar and pricey brands, and noth­ing else will give them con­tent­ment. They might even be will­ing to shell out a bit more to foot the bill if $300 isn’t enough.

Top 2: The Collectionways people handle money

Some peo­ple would use up all the mon­ey but wouldn’t be con­tent with just one item. They are not immune to spend­ing every­thing on non-brand­ed items, as quan­ti­ty, not brand names, is what tru­ly mat­ters to them.

Top 3: The Practical

Some peo­ple are always in search of a good find. In their mind, expen­sive brands do not nec­es­sar­i­ly trans­late to qual­i­ty, so they would rather buy one item and keep the rest of the mon­ey for the next poten­tial good buy.

Top 4: The Goal Saverways people handle money

Some peo­ple wouldn’t get tempt­ed into buy­ing any­thing for the $300 as they wouldn’t feel the need to cel­e­brate the wind­fall. Every cent should be saved for some­thing they have already decid­ed to buy or invest­ed in some­thing impor­tant, such as a car or a house.

Top 5: The Forgetful Saverways people handle money

Some peo­ple would save the full amount of $300, sim­i­lar to every cent they’ve received, but wouldn’t remem­ber set­ting the mon­ey aside. They are like­ly to have bank accounts that are dor­mant and draw­ers with some tucked-away cash for some­thing they may have also for­got­ten about.

What would you do if by some stroke of luck you end­ed up with $300? Tell us how you would han­dle the money.

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Top 5 British brands we must have in Australia

I’m not a big shop­per or food enthu­si­ast, but I’d like to have good options. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this is one thing that Aus­tralia lacks. Since it is a first world coun­try that con­tin­ues to have strong ties with the Unit­ed King­dom of Great Britain and North­ern Islands (phew!), I expect to have more British brands in Australia.

I’m not British but my short but sweet trav­el to the UK has left me long­ing for the fol­low­ing brands:

Top 1 brand: Waitrose

Whilst Aus­tralia has Coles and Wool­worths bat­tling head-to-head in the super­mar­ket chain are­na with cameo roles played by Aldi and IGA, the British are Image result for waitrose logolucky to have Wait­rose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Mor­risons. In my opin­ion, Wait­rose takes the cake (in a great way) for their deli­cious desserts, such as frozen sweets, tarts, pies and cheese­cakes. Walk­ing up and down the aisle was a delight­ful expe­ri­ence that I would like to have at my dis­pos­al in Australia.

Top 2 brand: Marks and Spencer

Image result for M&S logoThere were rumours of plans to open a Marks and Spencer store in Aus­tralia in 2016. The Tele­graph, unfor­tu­nate­ly, con­firmed in the same year that there’s no truth in the rumour. I won­der if it was just spread by those des­per­ate to get the retail giant in Oi! Oi! Land. Marks and Spencer in the UK, known for its super­mar­kets and depart­ment stores, sells rea­son­ably priced mid-mar­ket goods. I enjoyed shop­ping for food, espe­cial­ly meals and desserts, and clothes at M&S or as the British say ‘Marks and Sparks’. There is, how­ev­er, some sil­ver lin­ing as there is now a ded­i­cat­ed M&S web­site for the Aus­tralian mar­ket that guar­an­tees ease of deliv­ery and returns.

Top 3 brand: Zizzi Co.

Image result for zizzi co logoI’ve seen peo­ple in the UK queu­ing up despite the driz­zling rain in the win­ter just to have a Zizzi Co. Although it seemed like the Ital­ian piz­za chain was every­where, the qual­i­ty of the food is con­sis­tent­ly good. I espe­cial­ly love the cal­zone, piz­za with egg and spinach in the mid­dle and tiramisu. I’ve just had a look at their web­site and their spring spe­cial, melt­ed moz­zarel­la and pep­per pesto cro­quettes, is beck­on­ing me. I hope that one day I don’t need to endure a 24-hour flight, jet lag and sun-deprived days just to sat­is­fy my crav­ing for a Zizzi Co. meal.

Top 4 brand: White Stuff

Don’t be mis­led by the name. White Stuff doesn’t only sell white casu­al cloth­ing, shoes and acces­sories. In fact, there is no short­age of colour in their shops. Touch their tops, scarves, knitwear, and dress­es and straight away you’ll know that a lot of care has been put into the cre­ation of each item. While they sell men’s acces­sories and shoes, the bulk of their prod­ucts is tar­get­ed for women. Ladies can dress from head to toe with their wide White Stuffarray of out­door and indoor gar­ments. To this day, after over a year of pur­chase and many wash­es, I still trea­sure my knit­ted cardi­gan and dog­gy socks.

Top 5 brand: Schuh

Guess what they sell. Shoes! The shop boasts a won­der­ful col­lec­tion of shoes for every occa­sion and style pref­er­ence. Aside from pop­u­lar brands, Schuh also stocks up on its own label, my favourite Red or Dead, and oth­er less known but high-qual­i­ty shoes. Step into a Schuh shop and you’re schuh logoguar­an­teed to walk out with hap­py feet.

I can only dream that one day Aus­tralian investors would wake up to the real­i­ty that there is a mar­ket for pop­u­lar British brands. They can add me to the list of over a mil­lion Brits liv­ing in Aus­tralia who would be over the moon to have their favourites right at their doorstep.

If you there are oth­er British brands that you think the peo­ple in Aus­tralia deserve to have, let us know. Leave a com­ment, and hope­ful­ly our voic­es will be heard. 🙂