Top 5 predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

predictions for Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4

Now that we’re mid­way through sea­son 7 of Game of Thrones, we’ve already seen many sig­nif­i­cant char­ac­ters join forces. This sea­son has also hint­ed the use of aero­planes or time trav­el as the vast seas and impos­si­ble long stretch­es of lands have been crossed much quick­er than expect­ed. What else is going to hap­pen in sea­son 7? Here are my top 5 pre­dic­tions for Game of Thrones sea­son 7 episode 4.

Prediction 1: Khaleesi will start to fall in love with Jon Snow.

predictions for Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4

Amidst the crazy plan­ning ses­sions to con­quer the 7 King­doms, Khaleesi will start to see Jon Snow in a dif­fer­ent light. The King in the North will not, how­ev­er, notice Daenerys’s extra atten­tion and will just car­ry on min­ing the all-impor­tant dragon’s glass.



Prediction 2: Jorah Mormont will rejoin Daenerys’s gang.

Just when Khaleesi has start­ed to become exas­per­at­ed at the lack of suc­cess of her team, Jorah will resur­face after get­ting a new leash on life thanks to Sam. He will take up from where he had left off before he sought a cure for his illness.

Prediction 3: Bran will freak more people out.

Bran, who’s just arrived home after a seem­ing­ly end­less trav­el, will con­tin­ue to shock peo­ple with his unso­licit­ed rev­e­la­tion of visions from the past. He will be stunned when he sees Jon’s past. He will realise that he’s not the only strange char­ac­ter in the show.

Prediction 4: Cersei will try to conquer Winterfell.

predictions for Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4After learn­ing of the real killer of Jof­frey, Cer­sei will be more dis­traught and narky than usu­al. Because she will yearn to attack her ene­mies or an ene­my as soon as pos­si­ble, she will decide to con­quer Win­ter­fell. Bri­enne of Tarth will work hand in hand with the Wildlings until Jon Snow’s returns with Khaleesi’s angels to take back their home from the Lannisters.

Prediction 5: The Mother of Dragons will let his children fight with her.

predictions for Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4In episode 3 Khaleesi indi­cat­ed a strong desire to get Dro­gon, Rhae­gal and Vis­e­ri­on to help her fight the war against the Lan­nis­ters. Despite get­ting NOs from her team, Daen­erys will let them join the fight. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I sus­pect one of them will get hurt.

These are my pre­dic­tions for Game of Thrones sea­son 7 episode 4. Read more about Game of Thrones here. We’ll find out very soon if any of them are right or even close. Hap­py watching! 🙂

The 5 best Game of Thrones lines

best game of thrones linesSince sea­son 7 of Game of Thrones is upon us, I’ve revis­it­ed the first six sea­sons. Watch­ing the episodes has allowed me to relive the dra­ma, excite­ment, and the best Game of Thrones lines. There are so many famous lines from the pop­u­lar HBO TV series sen­sa­tion that choos­ing the top 5 is almost next to impossible.

If you’re not a Game of Thrones fan but remains open to the pos­si­bil­i­ty of becom­ing one, please stop read­ing now as I’d hate to be your spoil­er. I mean it — STOP now.

Top 1: Tyrion’s con­fes­sion (Sea­son 4, Episode 8)

Video cred­its to Deventh. Video from

I wish I had enough poi­son for the whole pack of you” was what Tyri­on pro­claimed after he had accept­ed the fact that there was no way he was going to get a fair tri­al in King’s Landing.

Top 2: Daenerys’s con­ver­sa­tion with Tyri­on (Sea­son 5, Episode 8)

Video cred­its to Crazy BOSH Videos. Video from

Lan­nis­ter, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell — they’re all just spokes on a wheel” was Daen­erys Targaryen’s response to Tyrion’s enu­mer­a­tion of the pow­er­ful families.

Top 3: The Night’s Watch’s excuse for killing Jon Snow (Sea­son 5, Episode 10)

Video cred­its to Mateo12485. Video from

Young wildling-hater Olly lures Jon out of his office and into his wait­ing assas­sins. “For the watch” was what each Night’s Watch’s man said before stab­bing the heart­throb lord com­man­der of Cas­tle Black.

Top 4: Bran asks Hodor to keep it down (Sea­son 3, Episode 9)

Video cred­its to asdfvbmn951. Video from

Bran and his trav­el gang were hid­ing from the Wildlings when Hodor start­ed to pan­ic. In response to this, Bran com­mand­ed him to stop and said, “Hush now, Hodor! No more hodoring!”.

Top 5: Tyri­on begs Varys to let him out of the car­riage (Sea­son 5, Episode 2)

After Tyri­on kills his father, Lord Varys took on the role of his sav­iour and hid him from Cer­sei. Lord Varys warned him of the dan­ger of going out of the car­riage, but Tyri­on was adamant that he need­ed to see and talk to some­one else. In one of Tyrion’s com­i­cal ban­ter with Varys, he said, “I need to talk to some­one with hair.”

It was dif­fi­cult to come up with just 5 of the best Game of Thrones lines, so I’m tempt­ed to play it safe by mak­ing this just the first 5 a long list. Maybe sea­son 7 will drown me in more quotable lines. I can’t wait!

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Top 5 reasons why Philippine TV is better than Australian TV

Philippine TV better than Australian TVWatch­ing TV is usu­al­ly enter­tain­ing in the Philip­pines, but not in Aus­tralia. Aus­tralian TV does not have noon­time vari­ety shows, extreme­ly mushy and cheezy soap opera fea­tur­ing pop­u­lar actors, and late-night news. With­out good TV, Fil­ipinos are com­pelled to sub­scribe to The Fil­ipino Chan­nel (TFC), Net­flix, Stan, or ille­gal­ly down­load movies or TV series. Arguably, Philip­pine TV is bet­ter than Aus­tralian TV. Here are the top 5 rea­sons behind this claim.

Top 1: There aren’t a lot of homegrown Australian TV shows.

Although there are almost the same num­ber of TV chan­nels, there are only a few authen­tic Aus­tralian pro­grams. It’s com­mon to find plen­ty of Amer­i­can and British TV pro­grams and doc­u­men­taries. They also have some chan­nels that car­ry tele­vi­sion show fran­chis­es, such as Mas­terChef, The Chase, Who wants to be a Mil­lion­aire and others.

Top 2: Aussie TV lacks variety.
Philippine TV better than Australian TV

In the morn­ings, you get extreme­ly long morn­ing talk shows, and in the evenings, you can only choose from a cook­ing show, a celebri­ty search pro­gram or some­times sports. I watched My Kitchen Rules for 2 to 3 months, and I’m cur­rent­ly watch­ing Mas­terchef which will go for anoth­er two months. I miss the choic­es I used to take for grant­ed when I was still in the Philippines.

Top 3: The top channels’ news programs include a lot of irrelevant information.

Philippine TV better than Australian TVIt’s frus­trat­ing that only SBS and ABC deliv­er prop­er news. The top chan­nels don’t include much about the news around the world but fea­ture fun­ny clips from YouTube. Their news also func­tions as an adver­to­r­i­al for big brands at times and obsess­es over the weath­er. The weath­er news is deliv­ered in three parts. Yes, in 3 parts, with numer­ous teasers before it. They don’t even have late-night news shows for peo­ple who have missed the one aired on prime­time TV.

Top 4: The TV program timetable is unpredictable.

It’s quite dif­fi­cult to keep track of what’s on for the day because of the chang­ing time slots. It’s just too com­pli­cat­ed. I watch a par­tic­u­lar show from Sun­days through Thurs­days, but some­times it’s not broad­cast­ed on Sun­days. If I want­ed to watch Mod­ern Fam­i­ly, I wouldn’t have a clue when it’s on as its time slot always changes. There were weeks when it was my sta­ple for a week­day and Sun­day. Then, it just dis­ap­peared for months.

Top 5: The upcoming or now showing films aren’t advertised on TV.

It’s bad enough that there’s not much to watch on Aus­tralian TV, but for the view­ing pub­lic to be deprived of trail­ers of the cur­rent movies in the cin­e­mas at the moment is depress­ing. I would like to be updat­ed on which films I can watch every week.

Philippine TV better than Australian TV

The lack of choic­es and the qual­i­ty of TV pro­grams can be attrib­uted to the Aus­tralians’ love for the out­doors and get-togeth­ers. More­over, TV pro­duc­tion is far more expen­sive in Australia.

Now that it’s win­ter in Aus­tralia, wouldn’t it be just fan­tas­tic to have the option to watch good Aus­tralian TV every day?

Top 5 songs about friendship from animated films

song about friendship from animated filmsThere are many beau­ti­ful songs about friend­ship from ani­mat­ed films. You may not have tak­en note of some of these songs when you watched the films ages ago, or the songs may be from movies you’ve nev­er heard of. Lis­ten to the songs about friend­ship from ani­mat­ed films and let me know which one’s your favourite.

Lis­ten to the songs about friend­ship from ani­mat­ed films and let me know which one’s your favourite.

Top 1 song about friend­ship from an ani­mat­ed film: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Writ­ten and first record­ed by Randy New­man, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ is Toy Story’s theme song. It was nom­i­nat­ed for the Acad­e­my Award for Best Orig­i­nal Song and Gold­en Globe Award for Best Orig­i­nal Song. The song, which was cre­at­ed for this 1995 Disney/Pixar movie hit, has been cov­ered by oth­er artists and even trans­lat­ed into dif­fer­ent lan­guages. After being fea­tured in all Toy Sto­ry films and numer­ous cov­ers, this song has stood the test time and con­tin­ues to be a famil­iar tune to both the Gen X and Y.

All credits and special thanks to Pink Mangos for the video (from

Top 2 song about friend­ship from an ani­mat­ed film: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Who doesn’t know Frozen’s mas­ter­piece song ‘Do you Want to Build a Snow­man?’? Per­formed by Kirsten Bell, Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez, the song topped the charts and played in my head for weeks (pos­si­bly even months). The song was used as a sto­ry­telling instru­ment, effec­tive­ly tak­ing its movie view­ers through the mile­stones of the friend­ship between Anna and Elsa. It starts off with an upbeat tune and mel­lows when it focuss­es on the rift between the sib­lings. Lis­ten to it and tell me if you’re able to stop it play­ing in your head.

All credits and special thanks to for the video (from

Top 3 song about friend­ship from an ani­mat­ed film: Return to Pooh Corner

I can still remem­ber the Ken­ny Log­gins cas­sette where I first dis­cov­ered this touch­ing song. I played it so many times that the tape got all wound up sev­er­al times. Released in 1994, ‘Return to Pooh Cor­ner’ is one of the songs in Loggins’s Gram­my-nom­i­nat­ed children’s album with the same title. Although the song talks about what hap­pens in Pooh Cor­ner, the mes­sage of friend­ship is clear­ly con­veyed in the heart­warm­ing depen­dence of Christo­pher Robin, Win­nie the Pooh, Eey­ore, and Owl on each other.

All credits and special thanks to Scout for the video (from

Top 4 song about friend­ship from an ani­mat­ed film: Remem­ber Me This Way

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Casper, the friend­ly ghost, had to go but not with­out leav­ing Wendy with a fan­tas­tic mem­o­ry of them danc­ing togeth­er to this emo­tion­al tune. ‘Remem­ber Me This Way’ is singer-song­writer Jor­dan Hill’s first sin­gle, which became the ani­mat­ed film Casper’s theme song. This song show­cas­es the strong friend­ship between ghost and human. Lis­ten to it, and you’ll under­stand why it’s on my list.

All credits and special thanks to Zhercky07 for the video (from

Top 5 song about friend­ship from an ani­mat­ed film: Friend Like Me

Robin Williams was, indeed, a total per­former as proven by his ren­di­tion of the song ‘Friend Like Me’ in his role as the Genie in the film Aladdin. The orig­i­nal song col­lect­ed nom­i­na­tions from the 65th Acad­e­my Awards and the 50th Gold­en Globe Awards. In the song, the Genie empha­sis­es how lucky Aladdin is to have him as he can grant him three wish­es. The per­for­mance of the Genie and the scene’s visu­als are as mem­o­rable as this song about friendship.

All credits and special thanks to Warhead for the video (from

My cheat song about friend­ship from an ani­mat­ed film that’s still in the mak­ing: For Good

Allow me to add one more song from the musi­cal ‘The Wicked’. I believe the movie team is work­ing on its ani­mat­ed film adap­ta­tion, which will be released in Decem­ber 2019. The film will undoubt­ed­ly fea­ture the song ‘For Good’. Orig­i­nal­ly per­formed by Kristin Chenoweth and Idi­na Men­zel in the Broad­way musi­cal, this farewell song, whose music and lyrics were com­posed by Stephen Schwartz, stress­es how friend­ships shape our lives, maybe not always or clear­ly for the bet­ter, but def­i­nite­ly for good.

All credits and special thanks to The Wicked #Out of Oz series for the video (from

Songs are vital in mak­ing a movie linger in our minds. The more they’re able to con­nect with the view­ers on dif­fer­ent lev­els, the more they become embed­ded in us. Per­son­al­ly, I may for­get the film title, but I don’t for­get its songs. Each song rep­re­sents a time in my life and a par­tic­u­lar group of friends or fam­i­ly. I can’t help but feel nos­tal­gic lis­ten­ing to these songs.

Top 5 reasons why people blog

With the advent of free and easy to set up blog sites, many peo­ple have start­ed to write their ideas online, includ­ing yours tru­ly. While people’s com­mit­ment to blog­ging may vary, I’m pret­ty sure one of their rea­sons for blog­ging is list­ed below. If you’re not into blog­ging yet and think it’s an absurd way to spend your free time, read what I think are the top 5 rea­sons why peo­ple blog, and hope­ful­ly you’ll under­stand why I’ve let blog­ging into my life.

Top 1 rea­son why peo­ple blog: Blog­ging is ther­a­peu­tic.

Some peo­ple get into cook­ing, colour­ing in, pho­tog­ra­phy and sewing because these have the pow­er to free them from their wor­ries. Blog­ging is the same and sreasons why people blogo much more. Stud­ies show that writ­ing is an effec­tive heal­er of a wound­ed soul. On the web­site The Gift of Writ­ing, Claire de Boer talks about how writ­ing can be an avenue to dis­sect the aspects of a prob­lem and deal with the issue in an objec­tive man­ner. The option to type instead of write on paper is a bonus that com­put­er savvy peo­ple have cap­i­talised on.

Top 2 rea­son why peo­ple blog: Some peo­ple are full of ideas.

If you feel like your brain is about to explode because you’ve got heaps of ideas to share, take up blog­ging. Peo­ple who are preg­nant with ideas use their web­sites as their bank. Once they’ve trans­ferred the ideas online, they can stop obsess­ing about them and can free their mind for new ones. More­over, blog­ging doesn’t have to be always pri­vate. Peo­ple who think they have good ideas are usu­al­ly hap­py to share them with the rest of the world. Get­ting pos­i­tive feed­back from friends and rel­a­tives is a plus, and from strangers, a gem.

Top 3 rea­son why peo­ple blog: Some peo­ple want to make mon­ey online.

It’s not easy, but it’s pos­si­ble. Wouldn’t it be a dream come to true to be able to earn mon­ey doing some­thing reasons why people blogyou enjoy, with very lit­tle finan­cial invest­ment required? With cre­ative ideas, a strong fol­low­ing, and plen­ty of hard work, you can make your web­site earn a few cents or even hun­dreds of dol­lars. I’m not yet a pro (and I don’t think I ever will), but I know that Google Adsense can cer­tain­ly ‘show you the money’.

Top 4 rea­son why peo­ple blog: Some peo­ple are sim­ply bored.

Bore­dom can pro­pel you to be pro­duc­tive or unpro­duc­tive. Those who blog pre­fer the for­mer. Blog­ging, like oth­er pas­time activ­i­ties, isn’t an activ­i­ty with a def­i­nite end. As long as your hands and eyes can han­dle it, you can keep blog­ging. You can write about your day, your trip home on the bus, your socks, or even your bore­dom. If you think hard enough, you’ll sure­ly find some­thing to blog about.

Top 5 rea­son why peo­ple blog: Some peo­ple can’t sleep.reasons why people blog

Some­times, peo­ple can’t sleep because their mind hasn’t stopped feed­ing them with infor­ma­tion. If you’ve tried telling your brain to stop many times and it didn’t fol­low its mas­ter, try blog­ging. Aside from emp­ty­ing your mind before bed, typ­ing and star­ing at a com­put­er screen may help set the mood for bed­dy-byes time.

If you haven’t got a blog of your own, con­sid­er cre­at­ing one. Blog for what­ev­er rea­son and start enjoy­ing the ben­e­fits of hav­ing on.


Top 5 reasons why MKR really rules

Image result for my kitchen rules 2017 logo

Pho­to cred­its: Logo from MKR offi­cial website

As we near the grand finals of MKR, a list of the top 5 rea­sons why MKR real­ly rules is called for.

My Kitchen Rules (MKR), a cook­ing com­pe­ti­tion game show aired on Chan­nel 7, has been one of the top rat­ing pro­grams on Aus­tralian TV. It’s huge! There have been a few times that I’ve chanced upon peo­ple talk­ing about it or watch­ing an episode on their mobile phone.

The first time I saw it on TV, I thought it was over the top, and the cooks weren’t that great. I didn’t see the rea­son why a lot of peo­ple were hooked. This opin­ion was from sev­en years ago. Now, I’m a con­vert — I’m a fan, a fol­low­er, a cer­ti­fied MKR addict. Here are my top 5 rea­sons why I think MKR real­ly rules.

Top 1 Reason why MKR rules: On a good day, you get home cooked meals at their best.

So I was wrong! Watch­ing MKR gives me ideas on what to cook. So diverse, the meals rep­re­sent dif­fer­ent cul­tures on a plate. The dish­es expose the con­tes­tants and, of course, the view­ers to tra­di­tion­al meals from var­i­ous parts of the world and some­times out-of-this-world com­bi­na­tions that sur­pris­ing­ly work from the braver lot.

Top 2 Reason why MKR rules: The TV format makes for better viewing.

The con­cept is sim­ple with a con­tro­ver­sial twist: Invite guests (oth­er con­tes­tants) over and cook for them a 3-course meal. After din­ing, the guests rate the meals out of 10. Under­stand­ably, some com­peti­tors apply strat­e­gy and turn into fault-find­ing com­mit­tees in their attempt to pull down the host con­tes­tants’ score. The TV for­mat allows the right amount of deceit which can be trumped by the chef hosts because of the well-designed scor­ing system.

Top 3 Reason why MKR rules: The hosts are great, not to mention good-looking.

Not only are they experts, but the MKR hosts are also ooz­ing with charis­ma and always look dap­per. It’s easy to under­stand why the young and not-so-young female con­tes­tants swoon at the sight of Pete Evans and Manu Feildel. Their exper­tise shines as they give pro­fes­sion­al and artic­u­late com­ments for every dish. The judges in the sud­den death cook-off chal­lenges, Liz Egan, Guy Grossi, Karen Mar­ti­ni and Col­in Fass­nidge, are equal­ly fantastic.

Top 4 Reason why MKR rules: It’s inoffensive and easy to keep track of.

On days I need to do some work or want to blog, MKR has proven to be an excel­lent com­pan­ion. It’s very inof­fen­sive and doesn’t require much of my busy brain, so it can effec­tive­ly keep me awake and enter­tained with­out ruin­ing my concentration.

Top 5 Reason why MKR rules: There’s nothing else on TV that’s as compelling.

Admit­ted­ly and unfor­tu­nate­ly, Aus­tralian TV isn’t great. The list of pop­u­lar shows includes a hand­ful of soap operas, some news pro­grams (some of them dwell too much on the weath­er and non-broad­cast-wor­thy top­ics), sports and real­i­ty TV shows, which seem con­trived and painful to watch. There are also TV com­e­dy series from Amer­i­ca and some shows from the UK. That’s it! Because there’s noth­ing equal­ly excit­ing, it isn’t any won­der MKR is the view­ers’ top choice when­ev­er it’s on.

Pho­to cred­its: Ban­ner lift­ed from MKR Offi­cial website

Sad to say, MKR is about to come to bid us farewell. The 2017 Grand Finals is on Sun­day at 8 PM. It’ll be a bat­tle between fam­i­lies, Bris­ban­ites and great flavour com­bi­na­tions, but that’s where the sim­i­lar­i­ties end. Moth­er and daugh­ter team, Valerie and Court­ney, are expect­ed to once again pull out three fan­tas­tic recipes from Valerie’s dad’s book, while sis­ter and broth­er duo, Amy and Tyson, are pre­dict­ed to wow us with their con­tem­po­rary dish­es and excep­tion­al plat­ing skills.

No one call me from 8 PM onwards on Sun­day. I can only respond to emails and text mes­sages. I’m going to be busy ‘cook­ing’. 🙂

Top 5 reasons why I watch The Missing

The Miss­ing is one of the most com­pelling British TV dra­ma series. The mys­tery thriller has two sea­sons so far, both with Tchéky Karyo as its lead actor. Karyo plays the role of Julien Bap­tiste, the bril­liant soft-spo­ken French detec­tive who despite hav­ing a phys­i­cal dis­abil­i­ty and health prob­lems man­ages to get to the bot­tom of com­pli­cat­ed crimes.

Although both series have received pos­i­tive reviews for the per­for­mance of the cast and sto­ry­telling, I must admit that these aren’t the aspects of  The Miss­ing that have drawn me to binge-watch.


The Missing Season 2 from BBC One

Pho­to cred­its: The Miss­ing Sea­son 2 from BBC One website

Reason#1: The plot is far-fetched… It’s cool!

Some­times, the plot seems too con­trived that I can’t help but be impressed at the vast imag­i­na­tion of the cre­ators and scriptwrit­ers. The plot is like an unsolv­able maths equa­tion that your teacher has an answer to but has no clear step-by-step solu­tion. Nev­er­the­less, I embrace the twists and turns and antic­i­pate the reward­ing ending.

Reason#2: I get free previews of picturesque places in Europe.

I’ve seen the non-touristy stun­ning parts of France, the UK, Switzer­land, Bel­gium and Ger­many cour­tesy of this TV dra­ma. The film­ing loca­tions were in charm­ing towns with an abun­dance of nature, which I would love to vis­it one day.

Reason#3: The title music keeps playing in my head.

Come Home’ is per­formed by Bel­gian alter­na­tive pop band, Ama­tors­ki. Its lyrics are sim­ple, and the music is haunt­ing. The open­ing cred­its song fol­lows me when­ev­er and wher­ev­er I am — on the tram, while work­ing, when I’m out with friends, while eat­ing, or hav­ing a show­er. Lis­ten to it and you’ll know what I mean.

Reason#4: Julien Baptiste’s lifestyle is enviable.

I would like to have Baptiste’s lifestyle. He’s such a sought-after detec­tive that he’s called upon to take on con­tro­ver­sial cas­es. In con­trast, when not pur­su­ing lost peo­ple and assur­ing crest­fall­en fam­i­lies, he lives in his beau­ti­ful house in France with his wife and busies him­self with beekeeping.

Reason#5: You’ll only find out ‘who did it’ in the last episode.

Both sea­sons 1 and 2 intro­duced char­ac­ters who had enough motive to take the miss­ing chil­dren, Oliv­er and Sophie. Each episode lured its view­ers into believ­ing a par­tic­u­lar char­ac­ter did it but quick­ly over­rode them with the next episode’s clues.

I delib­er­ate­ly did not include details about the two sea­sons of The Miss­ing as I hate to be a spoil­er. I, how­ev­er, hope that this post would make you want to check out this big BBC TV dra­ma hit and be hooked your­self. Hap­py viewing! 🙂