What’s in store

Top 5 is bet­ter than Top 10 and Top 3. It’s a list that isn’t too long nor too short. It’s just the right length to keep you informed, enter­tained and enlightened. 🙂

The ideas and opin­ions pre­sent­ed in Top 5 are unbi­ased. They are not influ­enced by cash, free­bies or big meals (although Anony­Mooo loves a good meal). The brands men­tioned in the blog are tried and test­ed by Anony­Mooo her­self. Hearsay isn’t one of her reli­able sources. She’s hap­py to write a Top 5 for a par­tic­u­lar brand, but she swears to remain fair.

Anony­Mooo is still get­ting her head around set­ting up this blog. She’s got her own Top 5 things to sort out at the moment.